WOW 555 – Going for a swim

Happy Friday!

It’s move-out day (part one) for me! Don’t get me wrong, I’m not actually excited. Moving is a pain, and I’ve had to do it every summer for the past three years. While it’s nice to be in new places, it’s awful to pack/unpack all your stuff. Seriously, it’s the worst. And, despite my relatively short time on this earth thus far – even shorter time being on my own – I’ve gathered so much stuff you wouldn’t believe. So send me some good vibes/prayers/whatever your well-wishing of choice that the entire process comes and goes smoothly and easily. Please.

In other news, and somewhat related to this week’s #WOW555 prompt, I’m doing pretty well in the whole being healthy department. Zumba’s been happening pretty regularly, and when it doesn’t, I’ve made an admirable effort at swimming lessons. My calling it admirable isn’t even me tooting my own horn (okay, maybe a little) – a lady at the pool randomly said she was proud of me for trying when she found out I was learning. So thanks to my boyfriend, I’ve been doing not awful when it comes to learning to swim. Huzzah!

Speaking of swimming, it played a big part in this week’s prompt.

Prompt: Write a story that takes place underwater in which one of the characters is refreshed in some way.

Story time!



What the hell was wrong with this woman?

We spent very little time in that room – just enough for me to recover from the cold before moving on. There was another door, or more like a large window, on the other side of the room. It looked like there would be an open field beyond the barrier. Unfortunately, it was some kind of illusion. I barely had enough time to shove the door closed again before the whole room was flooded, the water reaching my hips.

Which brings us back to my question – what the hell?

“So we either freeze to death, or drown. Wonderful.” Malakai grabbed his sister, laying her on a wooden table just above the water before going to the original door and pulling it open, letting the water out into the frozen wasteland.

“I could head out and see if I can find an exit?”

“You can’t breathe under water.” He had a point. “But I can. I’ll go see what I can find.” He pulled Esther’s table over by the door. “Open the door for me? We’ll need to let a little more water in for this to work. Try to keep Esther dry. I’ll be back as soon as I can.”

Malakai made it sound so easy. I did as he said, though, bracing myself to open the door as he prepared to change. He signaled with a nod and I pulled. Water pooled in fast, and a moment later, he disappeared under the surface. I caught a glimpse of a shark fin before I felt him shoot by me and out the door. I shoved it closed immediately, rushing to make sure Esther was safe.

It was almost nice, the weightlessness that comes with being underwater. I couldn’t remember the last time I’d shifted into a shark, and it only served to bring home how much I’d missed being able to. I turned in place, looking for the door I’d just come from. It looked the same from this side, except that I could see what was actually on the other side. Emma made her way to the other door, opening it to release the water.

Around me, the expanse of water seemed endless. As far as I could tell, there weren’t any animals around, either. It was a bit of a relief – the lack of danger refreshing. The only thing I could think to do was swim up, relying on my sense of direction and trying to keep the door directly below me. My surroundings grew warmer, and more light seemed to filter into the water. I changed back just as I broke the surface with a gasp. There was land just a few yards from where I emerged – a sandy beach that went on as far as the horizon, possibly farther. It seemed safe – about as safe as that room was, anyway – so I dove back into the water to get Emma and Esther.


What will happen next? Who knows? Right now these poor guys are at the mercy of the prompts, and I’m actually enjoying this little maze they’ve made their way into. Here’s hoping they make it out soon.

You know the drill – check out the rest of the entries on Saturday & vote for your favorite. Like writing? Play with us!

Mini-announcement: I’ve been wanting to host a flash-fiction contest for a while. Up until yesterday I hadn’t been able to think of something really solid, but over dinner my boyfriend made a pretty good suggestion. I’m still trying to work out specifics, rules, etc, as well as gauging interest. Look for an update on this in the near future! It’ll get its own blog post, rules page, the works!

As always, think happy thoughts!

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