WOW 555 – Death & Inevitability

Happy Friday!

Once again, I nearly didn’t have (or make) time to write up a post for this week. I keep trying to come up with topics to make this blog more interesting, but the ideas keep slipping away, my drive going with them. How do people do it? My eternal praise and awe at people who can upkeep a blog with busy lives. Seriously. My time management skills definitely still need some work.

I’ll be moving out of my apartment in the city at the end of next week, so maybe after all the hectic activity of moving/settling everything in, I’ll be able to get into a better, more disciplined rhythm. Not to mention I still need to continue work on Withered Legacy. It’s finally taking some kind of coherent shape in my mind, so I just need to start writing in a set schedule to churn out what I need in time for NaNoWriMo.

On the bright side, I have been more disciplined about my health lately (marginally) and have managed to scrape up enough motivation/discipline to Zumba regularly. So yay! Some of my best ideas come to me when I’m dancing, so here’s hoping Zumba will energize me to write some more.

Enough about that, though – I know we’re all here for #WOW555. This week’s prompt really tempted me to do some awful things to Malakai and Emma. Really. If I’d had more time to work on it, it would probably not have ended well. So I guess they’re lucky I was pressed for time.

Prompt: the theme this week is the timeless nature of death.



The frost bit at my cheeks as I moved through the air. Crunching snow signaled Malakai’s pursuit. We were close, but the closer we got to the door, the colder it became. I couldn’t feel my fingers, my nose. My landing was less than graceful when we finally reached our destination, my numbed limbs making it difficult to move. The doorknob slipped through my fingers more than once before I was finally able to grip it properly and turn, shoving all my weight against it.

I collapsed into a heap on the stone floor on the other side. My teeth chattered from the cold, my whole body trembling. Across the room, I spotted a mantle with a fire lit under it.

“T-Take E-Esther.” I motioned to the fire, and Malakai nodded. He quickly shifted back into a human and crossed the room to lay her down. When I finally managed to stand, it was to close the door and lock it behind us. Having the door closed did wonders for my falling temperature. Almost immediately I could feel my body warming up again. Despite my recovery, I still wasn’t able to move much, my strength used up in closing the door so that all I could do now was sit on the floor and shiver.

Malakai found a thick blanket for Esther, and wrapped her in it before making his way to me.

“N-Naked.” I pointed at him, looking away.

“Seriously?” He rolled his eyes. “You could die from hypothermia.” Despite his words, Malakai first rummaged through my bag for his clothes. A moment later he picked me up and brought me over to the fire.

“I-I’m not go-going to d-die.” I was starting to feel better. Malakai continued to hold me, sitting us close to Esther. By the time we made it to the door, the color had almost completely left her cheeks, but now it seemed to be returning. The snow melted off her hair and clothes.

My trembling slowed, until it was only the occasional shiver. I took a few deep breaths, focusing warmth in my hands and placing them on Esther, trying to warm the blanket, before turning my attention to my arms.

“You don’t know that.”

“What?” At least my voice no longer shook.

“You could die. You both could.” His eyes moved from Esther to me.

“But we’re fine. I think you’re overreacting.” I could feel my fingers again. “We’ll get out of here, my father will help Esther, and then we’ll deal with the witch.”

“How can you be so relaxed?”

I thought back to that panic in my dorm room, when I was so sure we’d fail – that I’d lose Malakai. “Because if I linger on worst case scenarios, I won’t get anything done. No use dwelling on it – not really.”

Esther sighed, her breathing returning to normal.

“Besides – we’ll all die eventually. Why be scared of an inevitability? Let’s just do our best to get out of here.”


So I decided to have Emma wax philosophical instead. Who knows, though? Death might very well still be in their future. I have a fondness for tragedy. But I’m also a sap for happy endings. Sigh. Such conflicting feelings.

Anyway, don’t forget to check out the rest of this week’s entries and/or join us in the game!

As always, think happy thoughts!

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One thought on “WOW 555 – Death & Inevitability

  1. You made me think of my old work place. I’d leave after 8 hours in the office shivering from the cold of the air conditioning and drive all the way home in the hot truck before finally feeling my toes again 🙂 Glad they’re warm again, but wonder where they are now.


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