WOW 555 – Snow in July?

Happy Friday!

Is it just me, or is time starting to go by much quicker? This week was my two year anniversary at work, but it doesn’t seem like I’ve been there that long. Also, my boyfriend and I planned a trip to London and it’s a month away already! I feel like I hardly know what day it is anymore or where my days are going. It’s weird. I remember being in school and the days and years dragging by. Anyone else feel like that?

Anyway, it probably doesn’t help that I’m thinking about snow in July. Not that I’m wishing my time away, but this week’s #WOW555 prompt called for it!

Prompt: this week’s prompt is to have your story take place in a snow field.

I considered not participating this week, simply because I didn’t think I’d have the time to spare to sit down and write this, but inability to sleep makes that time for me! So yay!



I didn’t think it’d be that easy – the witch took us straight to Esther. When I suggested letting ourselves be caught, I never dreamed she’d throw us in the same room with her. But she did, and if we could get Esther to my dad, we could try to break her curse, too. And, thanks to tweaked versions of the cat-collar I’d charmed for Malakai, the witch hadn’t even noticed that we were both at full capacity. As soon as we knew she was gone, we secured Esther to Malakai’s back before heading back out the door.

“Dammit.” The door wasn’t locked, but I wasn’t prepared for what was on the other side. A chill hit me first, followed by a harsh gust of wind that blew snow in my face, causing me to wince as the flakes burned my skin. Behind us, the door we’d come from stood tall and solitary in the field, connected to nothing. If I opened it, we’d be back in the other room. Was there another door in this field somewhere that would lead to the next room?

“Must be a security measure. No wonder it wasn’t locked.” He shivered. If Esther felt the cold, she gave no indication, her body still limp.

“Do you want to try something else?”

“No – we need to get out of here ASAP. The other door has to be here somewhere, right? Follow me.” A moment later he’d stripped and shifted into the form of a gargantuan polar bear, Esther still secured to his back. I gathered his clothes before conjuring some fire, keeping it close to keep us warm.

Lucky for us, it was just light snow with the occasional wind. Still, I kept looking up at Esther, lying still on Malakai’s back. How much of the outside world was she registering? The cold must have been affecting her – her face was turning pink. I placed a hand on Malakai, motioning for him to stop and crouch. Shrugging out of my light jacket, I placed it over Esther and tucked it in around her.

“We’re not getting anywhere like this.” I looked around, trying to discern something – anything – from our surroundings. There weren’t any trees, mountains, or any distinguishable landmark. Just snow falling and covering a flat plain as far as I could see. How big could the area possibly be? “I have an idea.”

I closed my eyes and focused on my feet, willing myself to lift off the ground. It was the easiest I ever managed it, the weightlessness coming immediately as I floated into the grey sky. Below, Malakai waited patiently, his black polar bear eyes regarding me thoughtfully. Shifting my attention back to our surroundings, I pinpointed the door we came from and focused on finding a second one. It stuck out like a blemish on the snow, still quite some distance away.

“Follow me!” I called down to Malakai, opting to stay airborne to lead the way.


Hooray for magic allowing me to create a seemingly random situation!

So don’t forget to check out the rest of the responses on Saturday and/or play with us if you’re so inclined!

As always, think happy thoughts!

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