WOW 555 – Needing some air

Happy Friday!

So this week has been pretty great. Reckoning’s on tour, courtesy of the Spread the Word Virtual Book Blog Tour program over at 2 Book Lovers Reviews. Click the link to check out the schedule and see the tour stops! If you’re a book blogger, you should consider signing up to participate. Indie writers could always use the exposure 🙂 If you’re an indie novelist – sign up for a tour! If you’re both – do both! For more info, check out the Goodreads group.

This week’s #WOW555 prompt was pretty open-ended, and fit awesomely with where I want my story to go – so yay!

Prompt: this week’s prompt must include the phrase “I’m outta here” (or a derivative in keeping with your character’s voice).

For simplicity’s sake, I’ve bolded my version of the phrase “I’m outta here” in the story below.

On to the story!



Another week passed, and my mother allowed me out of my room. Whatever enchantment had been placed on it now covered our entire home. Despite letting me out, she’d yet to explain what was going on. Aedan hadn’t been back – at least I hadn’t seen him – since that first week I spent in my room, since he saved us from the witch. Even with Malakai sitting across from me at the breakfast table, my mother acted like nothing was out of the ordinary – like she owed me no explanation.

I finally snapped.

“Mom – when were you going to tell me my dad isn’t human?” It was a simple question – or at least I made it sound like one. Across the table, Malakai stiffened. My mother, on the other hand, simply continued stacking pancakes onto a plate. When she turned around to place the plate in front of me, I spoke again, this time reaching out to grab her arm so she couldn’t leave. “Mom.”

She sighed. Did she think I wouldn’t ask questions? “Emma, you have to understand – it’s complicated.”

“I would try if you’d just talk to me.” I released her arm when she took a seat at the table. Malakai was uncomfortable, that much was clear, but he stayed, his eyes concerned and trained on me.

“We met shortly after I graduated the academy.” She wouldn’t look at me, focusing instead on her hands resting on the table. “Relationships between humans and Fey aren’t forbidden, but they’re frowned upon. Neither of us cared, though – until they threatened to take you.”


“The Fey court. Because Aedan is a guard to the court, his life belongs to them – or rather their queen. She can ask for whatever she wants, and she wanted you. So we had to hide you – even from Aedan. That included hiding your Fey nature.”

“So that’s why I have so much trouble with magic?” I was half Fey, and she’d never bothered to tell me. It was difficult to keep my anger in. “That’s why I never got a familiar…” My eyes darted to Malakai.


“You never thought it was important to tell me?” I stood, moving away from the table. “I felt like a failure – I had to lie to get into the academy…” For so long, I thought I was worthless. My entire body shook now, the clawed animal coming back to continue tearing away at me. Angry tears prickled behind my eyes. “I need some air.

“Emma, wait!” But I pushed past them, my mother’s call falling on deaf ears. I ran through the kitchen and out the back door to our back yard, knowing I wouldn’t be able to go out into the street where the enchantment couldn’t protect me.

Behind me, the door opened and closed again.

“I don’t want to hear it.”

Instead of speaking, Malakai simply sat on the ground beside me, taking my hand in his.


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As always, think happy thoughts!

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