WOW 555 – Fueled by Rage

Happy Friday! And, for those of you in the states, happy Memorial Day weekend!

I don’t know about you guys, but it hasn’t exactly been beach weather around me, so I’ll likely be spending the weekend not outdoors.We’ll see. Maybe I can catch up on some writing!

This week’s #WOW555 prompt was a rare one in that it was actually kind of easy for me to transition from last week’s snippet to this one. The story advances!

Prompt: I’m looking for stories this week that convey strong emotion but you get to choose – rage or passion.

It was a fun exercise! So on to the story:


Fueled by Rage

Watching Malakai fold in on himself in pain was like watching myself bend and break under the witch’s hold. He was stiff with it, contorted in his struggle to resist whatever it was she was doing to him. I wasn’t sure if he was going out of his way not to scream, or if the pain took his voice away. Whatever the case, I couldn’t just sit there and hide – not that I gave myself a choice. Without realizing it, the small flame in my palms burst into a blaze that nearly overtook me.

“Let him go!” I ran from my hiding spot and towards them, instinct and fury telling me to swing my arm forward, sending the inferno I’d created towards the witch before it could finish burning up my clothes. The air was thick with the fire’s heat and the smell of smoke – a product of the burning grass where my flames struck. She didn’t bother moving from her spot, instead raising an arm and summoning water to block my fire.

“Wh-What are you doing here?” Malakai’s voice was raw, and I realized he had been screaming – the witch had kept him silent. Now that I’d broken her concentration, he was free of her attack. The sight of him like that – weak, struggling to pick himself up – triggered something in me.

I lunged at her, somehow able to keep my arms on fire without burning myself. For a moment, I had the element of surprise – she didn’t expect a physical attack. Both my hands were around her neck, my thumbs pressing into the base of her throat, burning and suffocating her all at once. Where did I get the strength for that? We were both on fire now. As quick as my advantage came, it was gone. She launched me through the air with a scream, my body smacking against a large tree some yards away.

“Didn’t find her yet, did you?” Her voice was pure venom. She stood, waving a hand to put out the fires both on the grass and her clothes.

I managed to pull myself up, watching as the skin I’d burned on her face and neck began to heal. The witch was coming for me, and I didn’t have the energy left to fight back. Malakai put himself between us, hunched over and ready to attack.

“You just don’t learn.” Again she focused on him as he attacked, and again he fell in pain.

“R-Run.” He barely got the word out, but I couldn’t do as he said. I couldn’t leave him.

Before I could attack again, she suddenly stopped. Her head snapped in my direction, but she wasn’t looking at me. Something in the trees caught her attention, and made her stop. I closed the distance to Malakai, helping him up, while she was still focused on the trees.

“Leave. Now.” The voice was deep, authoritative – familiar. She did as it said, disappearing almost immediately.


Here’s hoping the story will come to something of a close soon…it’s taking away from other writing projects (*cough* Withered Legacy *cough*) that really need my attention. Just can’t seem to tear myself away from Emma and Malakai, though.

So, don’t forget to check out the other entries on Saturday and vote for a favorite! Writers, consider joining the fun!

As always, think happy thoughts!

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