WOW 555 – Airplanes prompt!

Hey there! Happy weekend!

So this is going up much later than I intended, thanks to a busy week and lack of making time to write. I considered not submitting this week, too, but settled on coming up with something at the last minute.

This week’s #WOW555 prompt was a little hard to work into the story, but I managed.

Prompt: our prompt this week will have to include an airplane in some way.

So no dilly-dallying this week. Response time!


Wasted Flight

I fell asleep with my body tucked in against his. When I woke up, it was to the sound of the door opening.

“I’ll be back later.” Malakai’s whisper was almost too quiet to hear. He turned back into a cat before climbing out the window. It was a couple of hours before I woke up again. Jaci snored quietly on the other side of the room. Moonlight filtered in through the window. Despite the warmth of my bed begging me to stay, I felt the need to get up, to walk. I was restless.

Though no longer panicked, I couldn’t shake the anxiety in my chest. My would-be familiar was nowhere to be seen, and I had no way of knowing how long he’d been gone or where he went. Sleep didn’t seem likely, so I slid from my bed and out the door. It was way past curfew, the halls quieter than ever. If a guard patrolled nearby, they made no effort to announce their presence. Everything was shrouded in darkness, too.

I cupped my hands together, muttering the incantation I needed to produce a small flame. With a small smile at the achievement, I held the flame out in front of me and made my way down the hall. In an effort to stay undetected, it took me much longer to get outside than usual. There wasn’t a need for stealth, though – not once did I see a guard or anything. That did little for my nerves.

Outside, the night was slightly chilly, prompting me to keep the fire in my palm rather than put it out. As I made my way towards the trees, I contemplated risking the cold, unsure if I could keep from burning down the forest, when the voices floated over to me.

“Do you have any idea how uncomfortable my flight was? The airplane was cramped, noisy, full of awful children. I nearly burned it down before landing.” The voice was female, coming from near the tree line. I hid around the corner, peeking over to see who it was. “And you’re telling me I came all this way to find you empty-handed?”

Malakai stood facing my direction – if he saw me, he made no indication. In front of him and with her back to me, stood a woman making grand and frustrated gestures. Her hair, an unnatural silver, was pulled up into a high bun. She was dressed in a simple, black dress. Despite the light breeze, her skirt was still, as if the elements had no effect on her.

“Never claimed to be full-handed.” He crossed his arms, annoyed.

“Then why are you here?”

“Investigating. Do you know how many girls go here? How long it took to sneak in? I can’t find her overnight.”

“Malakai…” The name was a threat.

“I’m doing the best -” His voice choked, a cry replacing his words as he bent over in pain.

She stood over him, fists clenched. “Do. More.”


And that’s that – here’s hoping next week will be a bit smoother.

Readers – don’t forget to check out the other entries on Saturday and vote for your favorite. Writers – consider submitting!

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