WOW 555 – A moment of weakness

Happy Friday!

Hope everyone’s had a great week! It’s been a long one for me, but I somehow made it out unscathed. I actually got a ton of writing done for once, so hopefully this momentum keeps going from here on out.

Mother’s day is coming up…Guess who still hasn’t figured out what to get her mother? This kid! As far as gift ideas go, I’m feeling severely uninspired. I’m just hoping something comes to me in the next 24 hours before I fall back on my yearly giftcard… Anyway, in keeping with Mother’s day, this week’s #WOW555 prompt is all about strong ladies!

Prompt: For this week’s prompt, your story must feature a strong woman in a moment of weakness.

On to the response – enjoy!


Fighting the Panic

Malakai didn’t want me to leave my room the next day – too dangerous with that witch around. He eventually realized he couldn’t keep me there short of tying me to my bed. Instead, he watched over me all day, staying out of sight in case the witch saw us.

My nerves had me on edge, but I did my best not to show it. Malakai was nervous enough for the both of us, anyway. The last thing he needed was for me to start panicking.

I nearly jumped out of my skin when Jaci bumped into me in the hall, dropping my books between us.

“Sorry, Emma!” She crouched to help me recover my things.

“No, it’s my fault – I wasn’t paying attention.” I looked around the hall, catching a glimpse of Malakai, tail twitching.

“You okay?” Her brow furrowed in concern, her hand on my shoulder.

“Yeah.” I tried to smile. “Just out of it today I guess.”

“Maybe take the afternoon off? You haven’t missed any class at all. I’m sure the professors would understand…Besides, all we have is that guest speaker next hour.” Guest speaker? What were the chances?

“Maybe…” I looked off in the direction Malakai had gone. Jaci reassured me that she’d speak to the professors and take notes on the speaker for me. “Okay. Thanks.”

My heartbeat pounded in my ears, panic mounting though I wasn’t in any immediate danger – not yet anyway. I only allowed myself to cry when I closed the bedroom door behind me. Malakai would have to go outside and come in through the window. I contemplated closing that too, and sitting alone. Indecisive, I stood leaning back on the door, chest tightening in rising anxiety as reality started to sink in. She was here – probably gathered the students for a presentation to find me.

Where was the bravery I’d mustered the previous night?

When Malakai climbed in through the window, he found me curled up by the door, eyes shut against burning tears, soft sobs escaping me.

“Emma…” He rushed to me, crouching down and scooping me to sit upright with one arm, his other hand moving to wipe my tears. “Shh…it’s okay. It’s okay to be scared.”

I continued to cry into his shoulder, holding onto him like a life line. As if I weighed nothing, he picked me up and sat against the headboard of my bed, holding me in his lap. This was familiar, somehow, as if experienced in a dream I couldn’t quite remember.

His fingers ran through my hair, soothing me. When I pulled back, he wiped my tears again. “I won’t let her hurt you.”

“That’s not what scares me.” I grazed my fingertips along his cheek, following the line of his jaw. “What if I fail and we can’t save Esther? What if I lose you?”

“You won’t.”

I didn’t realize I was pulling us closer until our lips met in tentative warmth, his arms tightening around me.


So there’s that! Let me know what you think – I’d love some feedback on this. I’m thinking of compiling all the bits I’ve written for these two and maybe filling some stuff in between for a novella or something. Who knows!

Remember to check out the rest of the entries tomorrow and vote for a favorite. If you’re a writer, consider submitting!

As always, think happy thoughts!

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