WOW 555 – A lesson in waiting

Happy Friday!

Random thought – someone on the radio said they wished every day was Friday. But, if every day was Friday, the weekend would never come, so that doesn’t really make any sense.

Anyway, how is everyone? I, for one, have finally gotten over my writer’s block! The past few weeks, writing has felt like pulling teeth, so it’s good to know I’m back to working on not just with Malakai and Emma, but Withered Legacy, too. I started my seventh rewrite this week, and I really think this might be my first complete draft (ridiculous, I know). Still haven’t figured out what the method to my madness is yet, but it worked for Reckoning. I can’t even count how many rewrites that sucker went through. So here’s hoping – keep your fingers crossed for me and please send good juju my way!

But enough about that – on to the matter at hand. Things are getting exciting for Emma and Malakai – I already can’t wait for the next prompt to move them forward. This week’s prompt was a bit tough, but I think I managed okay.

Prompt: For this week’s prompt, let’s explore the idea of life lessons.

On to the story!



It’d been three days since I caught him trying to leave. That night, Jaci stayed out late and we were up most of the night, talking. He decided to be honest with me – even opening up about his sister, Esther. There was a significant age gap between them and she’d practically raised him.

Things were looking bleak, though. We decided to hunt the witch down, but had no idea where to start. I was protected anyway, so she wouldn’t see me coming. At least if we knew where she was we could learn something, possibly gain leverage.

“You don’t have anything I can use?” We were sitting in the alcove again. I was constrained to the side by the fire, as far away from the spring as possible. Malakai told me about how she appeared to him in there – told me how close she’d come to realizing that he’d already found me.

“I already told you, no!” Despite agreeing to stay and let me contribute, he was as testy as ever. At the moment he sat across the fire from me, the flames dancing on his face casting sharp-angled shadows.

The book in my lap outlined several tracking spells. Unfortunately, I had to know something – anything – about the person I needed to find in order to use any of them. “Well you don’t have to be an ass about it.”

“Sorry.” He mumbled the apology. “But it’s pointless. We’re getting nothing done.”

“It’s not any less than you’d get done on your own.” I flipped to the next page of the book. “Besides, you’re going to stress yourself to death. I’ve said it before – you will be no good to your sister if you can’t keep a level head.”

“Easy for you to say – she’s not your family.” Maybe I was being insensitive, but I knew I was right – and Malakai did too, or the resignation in his voice wouldn’t be there. “It’s late and you need more rest than I do. Let’s head back.”

He put the fire out and offered a hand to help me up. I continued to hold it as we walked back. Even in human form, his eyesight was better equipped for the night than mine. Apparently, so was his hearing. We were at the edge of the woods when he pulled me back, pinning me to a tree trunk and covering me with his body as he looked around the tree at something near the entrance of the school.

“Shit.” His voice was harsh, and his body drew closer, almost possessively.


“She’s here. Doesn’t seem like she knows you’re here, but she might have simply tracked me down.”

I turned to look around the tree, too, and watched as two figures talked at the school entrance. One looked like the provost. The other I didn’t recognize. They embraced, and the provost welcomed her in.

“Told you there was no point in stressing. She came to us.”


Things are heating up! I sense the end might be near with this one, but I could always be wrong. Anyway, don’t forget to check out the other entries tomorrow and vote. If you’re interested, consider submitting!

As always, think happy thoughts!

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