WOW 555 – Twists and Turns

Happy Friday!

So this week, despite being busier than I have been in the past couple of months, I’ve made some headway on my reading list(still 17 books behind schedule, though)! As of the writing of this post, I’ve made it through 2 books – hopefully by the time this post gets published, I’ll be close to finishing a third book. It probably helped that I’m traveling for work and have had little else to do at the end of the day other than sitting in my hotel room. Plus the plane rides – those definitely helped too.

In particular, I’m in Seattle – and the rainy chill that seems permanent here is probably contributing to my reading drive too. Hopefully I can carry some of that with me back to the east coast when I return on Saturday.

The rain has also spurred me to write! And among that writing is this week’s #WOW555 submission. The prompt seemed to, once again, mold perfectly to what I needed to happen with Emma and Malakai.

Prompt: Your challenge this week is to end your story with an unexpected twist.

Now, onto the response!


Hidden Regret

When I stirred, Malakai was asleep, though still sitting up. The fire was out, so the alcove was dark, barely any moonlight sneaking in. I was reluctant to move from my spot, the lack of fire causing a chill to replace the warmth.

“Psst. Hey, Malakai, wake up. We should head back.” I placed a hand on his arm as I sat up.

“I’m…sorry. Emma…” He murmured in his sleep, barely stirring.


After a light shake, I provoked a response. He jolted, eyes snapping wide, the panic in them only receding when they settled on mine. Relief flooded his features and before he could catch himself, his hand drifted to my cheek, holding me in place for closer examination. His touch lingered, until my face grew warm from my blushing.

“You okay?” I was surprised at my voice’s steadiness, and how I missed his hand when it left my cheek.

“Yeah.” Unlike mine, his voice betrayed whatever it was he felt- something distinctly not okay. His breathing was shallow, and it was then I realized he’d woken from a nightmare. Without thinking about it, I let my hand drift to his chest, just above his heart. It was pounding. He froze at my touch.

We were close – closer than that night in the clearing – our breath, small puffs due to the chill, mingling in the space between us. I didn’t realize we were leaning into each other until all I could see were his eyes, practically glowing in the dark despite being in his human form. His hand came to rest on my neck, his touch gentle, barely pulling me closer, but pulling nonetheless. I’m not sure he even realized he was doing it. “You said my name…in your sleep.”

“I did…” It was half a question, half a declaration.

“And you were apologizing – why?”

The last word hardly left me before our lips met. A sense of urgency tainted the kiss, though we weren’t in danger of being caught. His free arm wrapped around me and pulled me closer still, so I was in his lap before I realized I had moved. I gasped, and he took the chance to deepen the kiss. Malakai cradled me closer, his warmth wrapping around me so I forgot about the chill, about where we were, overtaken entirely by him, his lips on mine.

A sigh escaped me when he pulled away, his eyes clouded by what I could only describe as remorse.

“What’s wrong?”

He kissed me again, murmuring, “Sleep,” against my lips, before placing a kiss on my brow and whispering again, “Forget.”

I awoke to Jaci moving about the room. My head felt like it was splitting in two, and I struggled to remember the previous night. Malakai took me to that alcove, and I fell asleep. The headache was probably from the chill of sleeping outside. Somehow, he must have snuck us back into the dorm before Jaci returned. I’d have to thank him later.


A bit cliche, I think, but it serves its purpose. I have big plans for these two, so I can’t wait for next week’s prompt!

Don’t forget to check out the rest of this week’s responses on Saturday. If you’re a writer, consider submitting!

As always, think happy thoughts!

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One thought on “WOW 555 – Twists and Turns

  1. Still loving how this relationship is developing and so glad the prompts are meshing with your plan 🙂 I hope I haven’t thrown you a curve with this week’s prompt.


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