WOW 555 – Spring!

Happy Friday!

Finally out of the snow! Huzzah! But I’m hesitant to really believe the semi-nice weather will hold up. After all, it’s still wet and gross outside as I write this, with the sun making very minimal appearances. I know spring is supposed to be rainy, but can’t we catch a break? On the bright side, the awful weather has been slowly but surely prompting me back towards my reading and writing, so there’s that! I really want to put up some reviews of the books I’ve got stacked up, so those will be coming shortly (I hope) as well as my regular participation with the Spread the Word blog tour.

Anyway, this week’s #WOW555 prompt was a pretty broad one and open to interpretation of all kinds. Sometimes these are the hardest, but I didn’t have much trouble with it at all. And it fit quite nicely with where I left off Malakai and Emma last week!

Prompt: For this week’s prompt, let’s play with the idea of spring.

Without any more dilly-dallying, here’s my response!


Moment of Peace

“Malakai!” In the dark, I lost sight of him. Away from the bonfire, the early spring chill settled into my bones. I had no choice but to keep moving, though. I’d stumble upon my would-be familiar eventually.

As the thought crossed my mind, something brushed my leg and I jumped. I had to squint to make out Malakai’s form before he meowed.

“Let’s go back to the dorm.” Unwilling to lose sight of him again, I bent to pick him up.

He jumped out of reach.

“Fine. I’m going back. It’s getting cold.” Still unsure of how to return, I tried to spot the bonfire through the trees to use as reference. “Cats have night vision, right? Lead me back?”

His eyes glowed from his spot on a large root. Without any indication that he would do as I asked, he turned to continue in the other direction. Lacking another choice and unwilling to be alone, I followed.

After some time, we came to what seemed like a wall. Malakai signaled an opening to a tunnel through some foliage I wouldn’t have found on my own, and led me through. It opened into an alcove formed by a large rock formation. There was a spring at the base of the formation, with steam hovering above the water. I couldn’t see where the water came from, so I assumed it was being fed underground. It was dark, until a spark ignited a fire some distance from the spring.

Malakai sat by the fire, back against a large rock, a stack of books beside him. A few pairs of pajama pants lay folded on a rock near him.

“Is this where you go when you’re not with me?”

“Yeah. Found it after we, um, got caught in the clearing.” He looked away, clearing his throat.

“It’s beautiful.” I joined him by the fire, folding my legs up to rest my chin on my knees. “So why bring me here? You could’ve led us back.”

“That room is stuffy and being locked up isn’t good for you.” He still didn’t look at me, but focused his eyes on the fire as he poked at it with a long stick.

“I suppose you’re right.” It was relaxing, the warmth from the fire and spring wrapping around me. “I could’ve handled that guy on my own, you know.”

“I know.” He smirked, finally looking over at me. Fire danced in his eyes, the oddest combination of blue and orange. “Couldn’t help it, though. He’s lucky I was just a cat.”

“Thanks.” I leaned against Malakai, closing my eyes and yawning.

“Wanna head back?”

“I can nap right here, if it’s all the same to you.”

He chuckled – a pleasant, soothing sound – before grabbing the pajama pants and placing them on his thigh. “Nap away.”

Grateful, I lied down, head propped against the pants-pillow. Between the crackling fire and our breathing, I was lulled to sleep with Malakai’s fingers brushing gently through my hair.


Some much deserved peace and tranquility, I think. Maybe I’ll spice things up in the next installment – some action is overdue.

Anyway, don’t forget to check out the rest of the submissions this weekend and vote for a favorite! Or, if you’re so inclined, submit an entry! It’s fun!

As always, think happy thoughts!

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