WOW 555 – Buried Deep


Happy Friday!

So I don’t know about you guys, but I’m more than sick of all the snow we’ve been getting. It’s not like I go out a lot anyway, but this always seems to happen when I need to be somewhere, or when I have plans. Not to mention, it’s a constant reminder of how damn cold it is, and how it still isn’t Spring yet. Dammit. Plus, all the crappy weather is literally slaughtering my motivation to do anything. All these cloudy skies make me want to do is sleep. Sigh.

Anyway, despite the terrible weather, I did muster up the motivation for this week’s WOW555 prompt. It was pretty fitting, considering that I was basically buried all week in work/snow/blankets.

Prompt: something buried must play an important role in the story.

So on to the story!


Mother’s Secret

Outside the cab, grey winter sky zoomed by. It was supposed to snow again soon, but I hoped it would hold out until after I left for the academy again. Beside me, Malakai purred. He’d been smart enough not to bring up having me breaking his curse again. As flattered as I was by his sudden faith in me, I didn’t want to think about the enormity of that particular task. Not to mention, it’s not like I could ask for help – I was basically on my own.

I almost didn’t notice when the cab came to a stop.

It felt like I’d been away from home for years, when it’d only been a few months. Modern technology was banned at the academy, so my only communication with my mother had been through letters. Now, it almost felt surreal to be walking out onto the sidewalk in front of our home. Malakai hopped out of the cab and into the snow, following close to my feet as I made my way inside.

No one was home, so I went up to my room and set my stuff down, Circe following us the whole way.

“Does your mother know you’re on break?” Malakai stretched back onto my bed.

“I don’t think so – forgot to tell her.” As if on cue, the front door opened, and I could hear footsteps. I was about to call out, when I heard a man’s voice.

“So she’s doing alright, then? At the academy?” Concern and curiosity laced his words.

“Yes. From her letters, it sounds like she’s doing better than expected.” My mother’s voice answered the man. I moved slowly towards the stairs, to possibly get a peek at my mother’s companion. She never mentioned anyone in her letters, and his wasn’t a voice I recognized.

“That’s my girl.” His words shot a chill through me. His girl?

I caught a glimpse of my mother rolling her eyes in response to his comment. “Are you sure you don’t want to meet her?”

“You know I can’t, Alana.” He came into view then, taking a step towards my mother and blocking her from me. He had silver hair, like starlight, glistening in a long braid down his back. He was broad-shouldered, and towered over my mother. There was something almost otherworldly about him, and the air seemed to shimmer in his wake. “We have to keep her safe, even if that means keeping her from me. She just has to make it to her twenty-first birthday – the Court can’t claim her then.”

“I just hope the seal we placed on her magic lasts that long.” My mother spoke softly, with a hint of guilt. As quickly as I could, I returned to my room, where Malakai waited.

“Are you alright?” He hurried to me, reaching out as if I were about to fall.

“No.” I sat on the floor, back to my door. Fury stung my eyes, until burning, angry tears spilled over.


There you have it! Hope you guys enjoyed it – don’t forget to check out the other entries on Saturday and vote for your favorite. If you’re a writer, consider submitting!

As always, think happy thoughts!

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