WOW 555 – Keep On Keeping On!


Happy Friday!

Hope the week has been going well for everyone! And, to those of you who celebrate it, happy Chinese New Year! Also, those of you doing Lenten promises – best of luck!

Not much to report this week, other than still being severely behind on reading. Seriously, I really need to do something to light a fire under my ass. Thankfully, though, I haven’t been slacking on writing (sort of) and have been able to make time for Wendy’s WOW555. That being said, Malakai and Emma are still going strong! I wonder how long I can keep up their story with the prompts. Luckily, the last few haven’t been too difficult to work into their lives, so we’ll see how this goes.

So, this week’s prompt was: your story should incorporate the concept of spirit in some way.

On to the story!

Image from Legend of Korra, Book Two: Spirits


Keep On Keeping On

I couldn’t help tapping my pencil on the desk – bored, my mind anywhere but on the current lesson. The professor – an aging man with horn-rimmed glasses and a tweed suit – lectured about the benefits of astral projection. I was still struggling to levitate, not that I was admitting that to anyone but Malakai.

“Psst, Emma. Are you alright?” Jaci caught my attention as she nudged me, whispering so the professor couldn’t hear. Concern furrowed her brow. Despite being roommates, we weren’t very close. At least, I didn’t think so, yet she was always looking out for me. I thought about letting her in on my secret, but every time I came close, I backtracked.

“Just tired…” I stopped tapping the pencil, yawning for effect as I looked back down at the book. Under the desk, I could feel the warmth radiating from Malakai’s cat form. Our familiars were expected to follow us around, for the most part, so it wasn’t weird to see some animals in class once in a while. For whatever reason, Malakai chose to come to class with me, when he should have been continuing his research.

I didn’t give it much thought, figuring he’d do whatever he felt like either way. Class ended soon after, with an assignment to practice the incantation for projection. I dreaded practicing yet another skill I wouldn’t be mastering any time soon, but I did my best not to show my despair, smiling at Jaci when I told her I’d be heading back to the room for a nap.

“Finally! I thought that class would never end.” Malakai turned back almost before the door shut behind us.

“You didn’t have to be there, you know.” I didn’t look at him – it became increasingly difficult to look at him after that night in the clearing. If he noticed me acting differently, though, he didn’t mention it. Probably better that way.

“Figured I might learn something.” I saw him shrug out of the corner of my eye.

I sat on the bed, pulling out my notes on levitation and re-reading them before settling into my usual routine of trial and error. “Like what? It’s not like you can do that kind of magic.”

“True.” He sat on the bed next to me, before letting himself fall back, arms outstretched. “But that class is on spiritual energy manipulation, which is probably what that witch used when she cursed me. As a shape-shifter, my entire ability revolves around being able to control my own energy similar to how you would do it for levitation and projection. I figured it couldn’t hurt to sit through a few lessons.”

“I guess.” I slid off the bed and onto the floor, assuming my usual position. Last time had been close, so I latched onto that hope now. With steady breathing, I murmured the incantation, until I felt my whole body tremble, before the sinking feeling hit my gut, and I landed with a thud.


So there you have it! Let me know what you think, and don’t forget to check out the other entries on Saturday and vote for you favorite. If you’re a writer, consider submitting!

As always, think happy thoughts!

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