WOW 555 – Romance

Happy Friday!

How’s everyone doing? Preparing for Valentine’s Day? Gonna join the masses in watching Fifty Shades? However you spend your weekend, don’t forget the most important thing: OD’ing on chocolate! But really, don’t forget that Valentine’s day is a day about love, and (in many countries, like my native Colombia) friendship. So spend the day with people you love – surround yourself with the warm & fuzzies!

Seeing as this week is Valentine’s Day, it made sense that Wendy’s WOW555 prompt would have something to do with the holiday. That’s right up my alley too – I’m a sucker for romance and the only thing I love more than reading it is writing it! Perfect timing, too, because I was beginning to wonder how I would work in some romance to Malakai’s and Emma’s lives.

Prompt: Your story must include some form of romance.

So, without further ado, some romance.


Moonlit Escapades

The moon was full, lighting up the small clearing in a flurry of muted greens. Spots of white-tinted yellow indicated the dandelions that dotted the grass, where Malakai sat in his human form, engrossed in another book. We discovered the secluded area after Malakai decided we needed more privacy – both for his benefit and mine. Jaci had come close to discovering both our secrets one too many times.

“Find anything useful yet?”

“No – shouldn’t you be concentrating?”

I remained quiet, trying again to concentrate on the feeling of weightlessness in my feet, muttering the chant that should have lifted me off the ground. I was quickly losing my patience, and Malakai’s exasperated sighs twenty feet away weren’t helping. “We need a break.”

“We can rest when we’re dead.”

“Overworking yourself won’t save your sister. And I’m not getting anywhere frustrated.” I walked over to him, taking the book and dropping beside him, leaning against a large boulder. “Take a break. I’ll keep looking, Go hunt for mice or something.”

“You’re hilarious.” He practically ‘harrumphed’ as he crossed his arms and sat back. Ignoring his petulant attitude, I did my best to distract myself from my predicament by focusing on his.

This particular tome was old, and in a language I didn’t recognize. “You can read this?”

“No. I was working on a translation.” He handed me the rest of his material. The notebook he was transcribing into was impressive, his neat script filling every page.

“You should have told me – I can help.” My mom used a lot of old books from across the globe in her healing practice, so she was handy with spells that could manipulate language – a skillset she made sure I mastered before reaching the academy.


“Hold still.” I moved to kneel in front of him. Placing both hands on either side of his head, I focused on the enchantment my mother taught me, whispering the words. A minute later, I handed him the book. “There. Try again.”

His eyes widened. “I can read this now?”

“Yeah. But it wears off after a few hours.” I sat back on my heels.

“Thank you! You’re absolutely brilliant.”

I barely had a chance to blush at the compliment.

“Who’s out there?” Branches rustled and the voice called out to us again. A campus guard – my secret would be out.

Malakai grabbed my wrist and pulled me in, crashing my lips onto his. I caught myself on the boulder when he tugged my waist with his other hand. Shocked, all I could do was respond, my lips tentative against his, hand wandering from the boulder to his bare chest. The guard coughed, and I sprang away. Half-lidded blue eyes watched me, and I struggled to turn away.

I stammered an excuse, and the guard dismissed us with a warning before continuing his patrol. I hardly looked at Malakai as we gathered our things, my stomach twisting with something I didn’t want to acknowledge.


Hope you guys liked it! And don’t forget to vote on Saturday for your favorite entry! If you’re a writer, consider submitting!

As always, think happy thoughts!

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