WOW 555 – Focusing on Feet

Happy Friday!

I’m falling way behind on my reading – and I’m not thrilled with that fact. Hopefully next week will bring a little more stability. If anyone has any tips on organizing and scheduling – I’d be eternally grateful.

Thankfully, though, I’m not as behind on my writing as I could be, so I’ve at least managed that. And Malakai and Emma are still going strong, thanks to Wendy’s WOW555 prompts. This week’s prompt: you have to include the phrase “focus on the feet”.

I had some trouble figuring out how to include the exact phrasing in a way that felt natural, so hopefully I succeeded. You tell me.

On to the story!

(From Castle in the Sky – a movie I desperately need to see)


Exercise in Persistence

“It says you have to focus on the feet.” Malakai’s voice floated over from across the room. He was the very image of leisure, lying on my bed as he held the book a foot above his head, reading the passage from my most recent assignment. “Imagine them coming off the floor, hovering at first – it’s a mind over matter thing.” He made it sound so simple.

“If it’s so easy, why don’t you do it?”

“I’m not a witch. Only way I’ll fly is if I shift into a bird – which I can’t do anyway.” The last part of his sentence was bitter. “I’m starting to understand why you don’t have an actual familiar yet.”

“Shut up.” I gave up for now, sighing and deciding to try again later, when he wasn’t such a distraction. I snatched the book from his hand, glaring daggers at him. “And change back into a cat. My roommate could walk in any second!”

Wouldn’t that be a sight? A half-naked guy lying on my bed while I tried and failed to learn levitation. Jaci, the roommate I’d been assigned at the academy, was nice enough but I didn’t want to risk my secret getting out. I dropped onto the bed beside him, keeping the book open on my lap, scanning the passage for something I might have missed. The footnote said meditation could help, but I didn’t see how I’d be able to focus long enough to meditate with Malakai around.

“Seriously, though – how long do you think you can keep this up?” I wasn’t sure if his concern was sincere, or if he only cared how long he’d have access to the academy’s library.

“Long enough. I made that collar for you, didn’t I?” I gestured at the cat collar that rested on the nightstand. Once I heard I’d have a roommate at the academy, I knew we had to do something about Malakai’s lack of shifting control in his sleep. After some researching and a lot of testing, I figured out an enchantment that could block his brand of magic, placing it on collar so he could wear it in his sleep. “It just takes me a little longer to get it right – that’s all.”

I was frustrated – this wasn’t the first time since getting to the academy that I was having trouble keeping up. Malakai knew that, and I think he did feel sorry for me sometimes, but he teased me more often than not. Negative thoughts weren’t getting me anywhere, though, and I could already feel the tears prickling behind my eyes. I’d yet to let Malakai see me cry, and I wasn’t about to start now. Unfortunately, he noticed.

“Sorry, Emma. I didn’t mean to upset you.” He sat up, reaching over to place a tentative hand on mine.

Outside, I could hear Jaci’s voice. Malakai was a cat again, moving to bump his head against my arm, curling up next to me.


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As always, think happy thoughts!

Image Credit: Found via Google Image Search on pinterest.

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