WOW 555 – Wanting

Happy Friday!

Not much to report today. I’ve been doing more reading, and am glad to say that I’m almost caught up to my Goodreads challenge (100 books for the year). For some reason, I just can’t seem to break the “1 book behind schedule” slump, and I’m only on book #4! Arg.

Anyway, this weeks’ prompt for Wendy’s WOW555 was pretty fun to work with, and has spawned a new idea! Not only that, but I think I’m going to try to keep this idea going from week to week, doing what I can to fit the prompts provided by the contest. I really want to explore these two characters, but I have too much on my plate to dedicate a novel to them (plus I should really be concentrating on Withered Legacy), so a series of shorts sounds like the way to go. Who knows, maybe it’ll be more some day.

Anyway, here’s the prompt: Write a story in which the main character gets something you’ve really wanted. In my case, that’s a second cat. My current cat needs something/someone other than me to attack once in a while.

So, here it is!



“What exactly am I supposed to do with a cat?” The animal in question stared at me, judgmental as if he knew I was talking about him. Cats never liked me anyway, I thought my mother knew that. “Can’t we just take it to a shelter or something?”

“He’s your familiar, silly!” My mother picked up the animal and placed him in my lap. At our feet, her own cat, a grey tabby with a penchant for violence, Circe, curiously watched as this newcomer was petted by her owner. Circe had always been evidence that cats literally hated me. I had the scars to prove it. “Every witch needs one.”

“I was under the impression I got to pick.” The thing was purring, though by no means snuggling up to me. Again, his eyes locked onto mine, and I felt more than uneasy. The blue was a stark contrast to his shiny black coat – pretty clean for a stray. I picked him up and placed him back on the floor – let Circe deal with him.

“No, honey, they choose us. And this one has been following us around for a while. I already have a familiar, so he’s clearly attached to you.” She was right about one thing – the cat had been stalking our house for over a month. He followed me from school, keeping up with me on my bicycle no matter how hard I tried to escape. Even if I lost sight of him, he somehow managed to be at my window when I eventually made it to my room each evening. If I didn’t leave the house, he would chill in the yard. My mother even shared Circe’s food with him.

“I had hoped for a bird or something. Maybe a raven.” Again, the cat’s ears perked up, his face turning towards me with what I could only describe as annoyance. Twitching his tail, he turned away and swatted at Circe.

“Like mother, like daughter I guess. It was about time, too. Upper level training starts next week – I was getting worried you wouldn’t be able to.” A familiar was required to begin the last phase of training. If one didn’t pick you, it was a sign that your magic hadn’t matured enough. “Anyway, you should try to get along, Emma.”

She picked up Circe, who was preparing to start a fight, and left the room, closing the door behind her.

“Get along, she says.” I narrowed my eyes at him. “That’s entirely up to you.” Turning my attention to my homework on the bed, I looked away.

“What kind of witch doesn’t have a familiar at eighteen, anyway?” The voice, distinctly masculine, came from behind me. “Pass me a blanket, will you? I’m freezing.”

The cat was gone, in his place a very lean (and very naked) young man, hair and eyes a familiar black and blue. Without thinking, I whipped my comforter at him and scrambled to reach for my dagger.


There you have it! Emma and Malakai – we’ll be seeing much more of them in the coming weeks. I’m looking forward to it!

Don’t forget to check out the other entries on Saturday, as they are sure to be awesome. If you’re a writer, consider submitting! You have until 5 PM CST.

As always, think happy thoughts!

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3 thoughts on “WOW 555 – Wanting

  1. Squee!! I LOVE what you’re hoping to do with the prompts (and I hope they work for this purpose). Fortunately, interpretation is always up to you so you can manipulate them a bit if necessary from time to time 🙂 Can’t wait to get to know Emma and Malakai better!

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