WOW 555 – Cleaning up the mess…

Happy Friday!

Hope the New Year has been treating you guys right so far! I’m excited to be back into the swing of things (as far as WOW555 is concerned, anyway) and I’m looking forward to hunting down some new topics and stuff to talk about. I really want to post more regularly, and to be a lot more active this year when it comes to my writer life.

As a part of my “writer life” I’m also going back into reading a bit more. If you have any suggestions – favorite books, authors, etc – let me know! I’ll read anything of the paranormal/supernatural/fantasy variety (for the most part) and really want to go back to my bookworm ways. The stuff I really like, I’ll review.However, it’ll have to wait in line behind a plethora of indie books awaiting my attention. My Goodreads challenge should be cakewalk this year – 100 books (and hopefully more) here I come!

Now, onto Wendy’s WOW555 – Last week’s entry was a winner, so we’ll see how this week goes. I can’t say it enough – a million thanks to Wendy for maintaining this contest and keeping the prompts coming. They’re the perfect resistance to my writer’s block. This time, the story revolves around some of the events between Reckoning and Withered Legacy (The Breach Books 1 & 2).

Prompt: Write me a story about a mess. Physical, symbolic, good, bad, as always, the interpretation is up to you. Just to see if we can scare the dog, see if you can throw a vacuum in there somewhere. (read the full post here).


The Hunt

“Do you ever clean?” Adwin eyed his twin, Saxon, as the latter sat on the opposite side of the room, in the makeshift bed he’d created out of an abandoned mattress and some sheets they’d found.

“Take a moment to appreciate the absurdity of your question.” Saxon, eyes closed and body prepared to meditate as he sat with his legs crossed, sighed. “We’re squatting in a dilapidated house – why should I have to clean?”

Admittedly, the room they’d chosen was in fairly good shape before they claimed it. At least it had all its walls, which was more than he could say for their bedrooms back home. Since the place was abandoned anyway and they’d be moving on eventually, he didn’t see a point in keeping tidy, opting instead to just drop his bag, clothes, and supplies wherever. He’d pick it up when they decided to change location again.

“You’re ridiculous.” Adwin muttered and returned to his side of the space, a stark contrast from Saxon’s. Rather than throwing his things and not caring where they landed, he always kept his bag in its spot by his own makeshift bed, his clothes folded neatly on the mattress.

“You’re the one who actually still makes his bed. In case you haven’t noticed, the world is slowly going to shit, and you’re worried about being neat. Bet you’d vacuum if you could, electricity shortage be damned.” Frustration was clear in Saxon’s voice, and he felt a little guilty. Their current lifestyle wasn’t Adwin’s fault – wasn’t anyone’s – but he had to vent somehow. If his brother was the only one around, he’d bear the brunt of it. That was their silent agreement. “Now, if you don’t mind, I’m trying to focus. The sooner I find what we’re looking for, the sooner we can move on.”

Adwin bit back any retort he might have made, instead going through the house again, gathering what supplies they could take with them, leaving Saxon to search for the Wraith – he’d always been better at it anyway. After a day of being in that house, he had sensed movement – their prey was close, but behaving oddly careful. Unlike the others, it was hiding. Soon enough he would pinpoint its location and they’d kill it, allowing them to move on.

The only room Adwin had left was the basement. Flash light in hand, he descended the steps. At the bottom, someone had pushed up a bunch of furniture into a barricade. Flicking his wrist, he shoved all of it aside, the loud crash shaking the house.

Seriously? Saxon’s annoyed reprimand echoed in his mind.

Shut up. Adwin knew it took more than that to distract his brother.

The sight that greeted him turned his stomach. A woman’s corpse was curled around a smaller figure, presumably her child. Her fingers still gripped tight, although they were both long gone.

Found it. Saxon’s voice was more than welcome, and Adwin turned to run up the stairs.


Hope you like it! Don’t forget to check out the other entries tomorrow & vote! If you’re a writer, submit! You have until 5:00PM CST!

As always, think happy thoughts!

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