Recap: The Walking Dead Season 5 Midseason Finale: Coda


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Happy (or not so happy) Monday!

I’m upset – and if you saw last night’s The Walking Dead episode, you know why. Sigh. SPOILERS ahead.

The episode picks up immediately where last week left off – with Lamson trying to escape, but someone noticed his run for it early. Rick chases after him, eventually catching up while driving the cruiser. Rick asks him to stop multiple times, and when he doesn’t, Rick goes ahead an hits Lamson with the cruiser, knocking him right into the concrete. After a brief conversation about how all Lamson had to do was stop, Rick proceeds to shoot him in the head.

When we get back to the church group, we see that Father Gabriel has made it somewhat far, and stumbles up on the school where the Terminus residents made their camp back in the beginning of the season. It seems like he’s looking for something and showed up there with a purpose. He finds what he’s looking for upon seeing Bob’s cooked foot. Soon after, the walkers inside the school finally get out, and Gabriel has no choice but to run for it, leading the walkers back to the church, where he calls Michonne and Carl’s attention. They take down the barricade at the church doors in order to save Father Gabriel. They do manage to save him, but in the process all the walkers get in, and their only choice is to go through the same crawl space Gabriel created to escape. They make it out, and Gabriel finally seems to learn his lesson. Immediately after, they lock the walkers into the church.

Back in Atlanta, Rick gets back to the group after killing Lamson. They decide, despite recent events, to continue with the plan, provided that the remaining cops play along. They do, agreeing to say that Lamson was attacked by walkers. The plan for an even exchange continues. At the hospital, Beth is organizing Dawn’s office while Dawn attempts to make contact with the cops on the streets. They talk about the old captain, the one who was originally in charge of the hospital. Dawn says people talk a lot about him, but no one ever mentions that she misses him, that he was her mentor. The circumstances of his stepping down from power seem to be sketchy, and Dawn isn’t forthcoming with information.

At the church, Father Gabriel explains that he left so he could see what it was like for himself, what the Terminus people had done to Bob. As they’re standing outside the church, contemplating what to do next, the walkers in the church start to break free. They’re about to run when Abraham and company return in the fire truck, blocking the church closed and effectively saving them. Glenn updates them on Eugene’s lie, and their decision to return. When they ask where everyone went, Michonne tells them about Beth, and how they’ve gone to rescue her in Atlanta. They decide to go as well and back up the rest of the group.

In Atlanta, Beth walks down a hall as one of the cops mistreats a ward. It’s the same elderly man that helped her in the previous episode when she needed a distraction. The cop pushes him down, and it looks like Beth is about to be his next victim, when Dawn shows up and takes her away, claiming she needs help. At the elevator, Beth has sought out some quiet and solitude, but Dawn finds her. They both know neither is going anywhere, and they have a talk. Beth doesn’t want to stay, but Dawn continues to tell her that she saved her. They have a tense conversation, before the same cop from before stumbles upon them and threatens Dawn. In the conversation that follows, we find out Dawn took command from the previous captain by force, killing him, and she says she’ll do it again, that she will no longer allow the rest of the cops to be rapists and abusers. A fight breaks out between the two officers, and Beth moves to the side to avoid it. It seems like the cop is about to kill Dawn when she manages to finally push him away, and Beth finishes the job bby shoving him down the elevator shaft.

Soon after, Beth is in Carol’s room and Dawn follows her in. Beth accuses Dawn of having used her to do her dirty work, and Dawn realizes that’s what happened with Edwards and the doctor who they were trying to save. Dawn denies having used Beth, claiming that she helped her because it was the right thing to do. She also correctly assumes that Carol and Beth know each other.

Outside on a rooftop, Tyreese and Sasha are having another sibling heart to heart. Tyreese attempts to get Sasha to stop beating herself up over what happened with Lamson, and confesses about the Terminus resident he claimed to have killed earlier in the season. He claims they haven’t changed from how they were as children – Sasha still “copying” Tyreese, but Sasha says, while that might be good, that it is no longer the case. They can’t be the same as they were anymore.

Rick finally meets with two other cops from the hospital, and the organize the exchange. Everything seems to be going smoothly, with the cops agreeing to the exchange, and we get to see Beth preparing to leave. She hides a pair of scissors in her cast. The exchange goes well – Beth and Carol both make it to the group and the cops return to the hospital, but Dawn won’t let them go without leaving Noah behind. She claims Noah has to replace Beth as her ward. They refuse to let him stay, but he gives himself up anyway. Just as everything is about to go smoothly, Beth intervenes, confronting Dawn. She stabs Dawn with the hidden scissors, but Dawn shoots Beth in the head, killing her. Enraged, Daryl kills Dawn. Everything seems about to explode, with all the cops ready to shoot at Rick’s group, but one of the hostage cops, the woman, yells for them to stop. The confrontation was about Dawn, and she’s already dead. They call a cease fire, and the cops offer them a place at the hospital. Rick refuses, but offers to take any wards that want to leave. No one takes up the offer.

Outside the hospital, Abraham and the others arrive just as Rick and the rest of the group leave. Maggie breaks down as Daryl walks out with Beth’s body in his arms.

BONUS: If you stayed for post-credits, you saw Morgan! He seems to be tracking the group, and even stumbles upon the Terminus camp and the church. He sees the map Abraham left for Rick, so he’s knows they’re nearby.

Conclusion: It’s been a while since I’ve been this upset over an episode. It’s not so much the episode as it was the fact that the writers really won’t give Daryl a break. First, he has to kill Merle himself, then Beth gets taken from him, he’s briefly reunited with Carol and has to watch her get hit by a car, and now Beth dies in front of him? AND he carried her body out? I mean, come on, the man deserves some kind of reprieve at this point. Her death was pointless, in my opinion, and quite honestly the plot could have gone on without her having to die (yet). It could have had more impact later on, I think. Sigh.

What did you guys think of the midseason finale? Was Beth’s death necessary?

Anyway, as always, think happy thoughts! (If you can…)

See you in February!

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