Recap: The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 7: Crossed


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Happy Monday!

All I can say is – finally! It’s about time we get an episode that balances all the groups pretty well, making it a bit more fast-paced and exciting. It was an awesome episode, and a great setup to next week’s mid-season finale. Heads up – SPOILERS!

The episode starts out at the church, apparently the morning after Daryl shows up again with Noah. Sasha is taking out her frustration and pain on some church pews, while the others are fortifying the church. Father Gabriel is not happy about this at all, and still suffers over what happened with the Termites. As they’re setting up defenses, Rick talks to Michonne about leaving Carl behind during their trip to Atlanta. Michonne volunteers to go instead of Rick, but Rick prefers to leave her at the church. Everyone but Michonne, Fr. Gabriel, Carl, and Judith head out to Atlanta to rescue Beth and Carol. Gabriel seems to have a break down and tries to scratch the blood stains off the church floor.

In the truck on the way to Atlanta, Tyreese attempts to get through to Sasha, but she doesn’t want to hear it, preferring to suffer in silence and continue to mourn Bob in her own way. When we change scenery, it’s to Beth at the hospital. She has access to Carol’s room and is checking in on her when Edwards shows up to do his usual rounds. It’s clear she no longer trusts him

Back with Glenn’s group, we see the direct aftermath of Eugene’s confession. He’s not in very good shape and still unconscious, while Abraham is basically catatonic. Rosita attempts to get him to react, and he does, standing up and seemingly about to attack her. Rosita clearly is ready to defend herself, but Maggie pulls her gun on him first, threatening to shoot if he doesn’t calm himself down. He kneels again, and goes back to being catatonic.

Meanwhile, the others are making plans to storm the hospital. Rick wants to covertly take people out, one by one, and Noah is all for it, but Tyreese wants to do a hostage exchange instead. Daryl agrees, and between the two of them they manage to convince Rick. At the church, Carl is watching Fr. Gabriel continue to attempt to clean. He tells the priest that he has to learn to defend himself. Gabriel is lucky the church has lasted as long as it did. Eventually he picks out a weapon – the machete – and then says he needs to rest. It seems like Carl finally got through to him.

Once again, we go back to the hospital, where Beth overhears a conversation between Dawn and another cop in which they’re discussing Carol’s survival. Beth speaks up, accusing the cop that he takes up more resources charging his DVD than it would take to save Carol. In a show of dominance, Dawn orders the cop to cut off the power to Carol’s machines. After the cop leaves to do as she says, Dawn reveals that she seems to have only done it because Beth spoke up. She tasks Beth with saving Carol, and even compliments her in saying that she’s not as weak as Dawn originally thought.

The newly dubbed GREATM (Glenn’s group) goes out in search of water. Tara defends Eugene, claiming that they can’t blame him for using the only skill he had in order to make it in tha apocalypse. Glenn seems to agree. Meanwhile, Maggie is back at the truck, watching over Eugene and Abraham.

Back with Beth, she’s attempting to save Carol by going to see Edwards, and asking him for suggestions on what drugs to give Carol. The doctor figures out that Dawn has allowed her to attempt saving her friend, but claims she didn’t do it out of the goodness of her heart. It seems he knows something, but Beth doesn’t want to hear it, clearly no longer trusting him. He once again tries to defend his actions as for his own survival, but even he’s not sure if he’s saved himself in the end.

When we go back to GREATM, they’re at a stream, where they attempt to collect water. Unfortunately, it’s gross and brown and they’re not likely to find anything clearer upstream. Rosita then creates a makeshift filter for the water, so they can boil it later on. Apparently, Eugene taught her how. She tells them the story of how she joined Abraham and Eugene in the mission, after having been saved by the former when her original group was overrun by walkers. They notice some fish in the river, and decide to attempt to gather them for food.

The group in Atlanta go through with their plan, luring a couple of cops by getting Noah to shoot off some rounds and pretend to run away from some walkers. After the cops “capture” Noah, the group ambushes them. They get the cops on their knees, but the hospital residents had backup, and another car shows up to bail them out. A shootout ensues, and the cops almost get away, but the car gets caught up in a field of walkers. The area was one of the places hit by napalm, so all the walkers are melted to the pavement. As they proceed to follow the cops, Daryl lags behind to make sure the area is clear. He’s nearly overtaken by a cop, and has way too many close calls for my liking, before he grabs a walker by the eye sockets and uses it as a weapon against the cop. Rick finds them, and nearly kills the cop, but Daryl makes the argument that three hostages is better than two, saving his life. Rick seems to be getting closer to unhinging completely.

The cops attempt to negotiate with the group, explaining that they had a plan to replace Dawn, and that she likely knew, so she wouldn’t be willing to save those officers. They convince Daryl to talk to Rick about a different solution.

With GREATM, they’re getting ready to fish, stripping some clothes of netting and scavenging for supplies among the corpses. Glenn reaches out to Rosita, and she agrees, no matter what, to join them in their survival.

Back at the church, Michonne reaches out to Gabriel, who seems to be severely stressed. She tries to justify what they do, to make him feel better about the way the world works now. It doesn’t work.

Meanwhile, Beth is being a badass and bribes someone with strawberries to help her distract the guards while she gets the medicine she needs to help Carol. The man she bribes helps her by pretending to have a coughing git, successfully getting the attention of most of the guards so she can walk away with the medicine. Beth manages to get the medicine to Carol, but she’s still unconscious.

The group in Atlanta has holed up in some kind of warehouse by now, and seem about to go through with the plan they’ve formed. Sasha and Tyreese are outside by the car, grabbing supplies. During yet another heart to heart, Sasha finally opens up to her brother, explaining that the reason she’s upset is because she should have been able to help Bob die, rather than let Tyreese do it. He counters that she’s honored him already by allowing Tyreese to help her. She finally seems to be on the road to recovery.

When we get to see the church again, we see Gabriel attempting to escape through the gap in the floor where he’s pried out the floorboards using the machete Carl gave him. He crawls out under the church and runs away, encountering a walker and only escaping from pure luck, as he’s still unable to do much of anything.

The group in Atlanta made a deal with the cops, and it looks like they’re about to go through with it, as Rick is speaking with Sergeant Lamson, whose name happens to be Bob. He seems nice enough, and is the intended replacement for Dawn. He gets Sasha’s attention and tells her about what happened during the evacuation efforts. His friend, Tyler, swapped places with him during the evacuation and ended up a victim of the napalm drops. He was apparently still out there on the pavement, and Lamson wanted to free him from the suffering, to thank him for saving his life. Sasha, feeling the same way about Bob, allows Lamson  to lead her to the window where she can shoot the walker he’s referring to.

Back with Maggie and Abraham at the truck, they seem to reach an understanding just as Eugene sounds like he’s waking up. Everything seems to take on a hopeful tone as the rest of GREATM returns to the truck, Tara playing with a yo-yo she found.

Unfortunately, it all goes south when we see Sasha and new Bob again. He’s led her to the spot where she can take the shot on the walker, but just as she’s about to, he shoves her into the window, knocking her out and running away.

Conclusion: The episode does an awesome job of setting up for next week, and I can’t wait to see everything blow up again in usual TWD style. I don’t have any predictions, though, other than I know someone is going to die. Just not who yet. I hope I’m wrong, though.

What do you guys think? Any theories for the mid-season finale? Sound off below!

As always, think happy thoughts!

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