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WOW 555 Week 3 – Villains!

Happy Friday and Happy Halloween!

I was lucky once again last week and won the second round of #WOW555. That is not, however, any indication that I’ll win again, as this week’s prompt is something I haven’t given much thought to. Villains are not characters I give a lot of attention to during the initial writing process. I probably should, and I’m glad Wendy has chosen this for a prompt, as it now forces me to. My villain is currently nameless (Jiro is just a place-holder that keeps growing on me as I work on this prompt) and faceless, to be honest, so writing from his point of view, or even about him, is going to be an interesting experience. He’s basically a disembodied voice as far as character development goes.

So, the prompt is: For this week’s story, give us an action scene as told from the perspective of your villain.

Here goes nothing.

Villain forest



“The Nephilim’s mistake was giving you a choice.”

As her entire body stiffened, the Keeper’s hold tightened around the small, unconscious girl in her arms.

“You think you’ll fare any better?” Expression infuriatingly calm, she turned, an eyebrow raised as she looked me in the eye. She scrutinized me, recognition filling her eyes. I was surprised – this was our first meeting, and I possessed a host.

Around us, wind tore through trees and branches. While I couldn’t feel it, I knew the air was cold. My body – my host – shivered. A small groan distracted us from our stand-off, bringing our attention to the young girl. “You can’t protect her forever.”

“She won’t have to.” His voice came from behind me, but I didn’t turn.

“Hello, Reaper. Come to save your cousin?” My eyes never left the young girl. The Keeper noticed, once again assuming a more protective stance. She looked just past me, to her cousin, the young Reaper. Almost instantly, she was on me despite the charge in her arms, her foot coming dangerously close to my nose as I stepped back to dodge the kick.

The Reaper attacked from behind, his fist only just missing me as I shifted again, putting as much distance between me and them as possible. From my place hidden in the trees, I watched as they met at the center of the small clearing, their gazes shooting left to right, trying to pinpoint where I was. She still held the child, who must have been under her influence to remain unconscious through the fight. Before they could take any more time to recover, I lunged out of the trees, opting to attack the Keeper.

“Lexia!” When her cousin called out, she turned, just in time to move out of the way. I barreled into the spot she’d been standing on, leaving an imprint on the ground, the forest floor crumbling slightly under my force.

I turned my attention to the Reaper, who was getting closer to striking me with every swing. I couldn’t dodge all of them, resorting to blocking his blows with my arms, bracing myself against the ground with each one. I almost didn’t notice when he pulled out the twin swords, the blades slicing at the air around me. I struggled to keep my attention on both him and the Keeper, as she threw what seemed like an endless supply of her own daggers my way. When I realized she was simply remotely controlling one blade, the Reaper had me up against a tree.

“You’re lucky we can’t kill you.” The Keeper withdrew her dagger, but her cousin kept me pinned with his own weapons.

“This guy is beyond saving, Keeper. He offered to help me.” I smirked, finally catching her off-guard. “See you around.” As I left, I caught a glimpse of my host continuing the fight, pushing the Reaper back, forcing the Keeper to drive her dagger deep into their attacker’s chest, killing him.


Don’t forget to check out the other stories on Saturday and vote for your favorite!

As always, think happy thoughts! Have a safe Halloween!

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