WOW 555 – Week 2 – Come out and play!


Happy Friday!

So last week, I was lucky enough to win the first #WOW555! The prompt was great, and I’m really glad Wendy is steering this in the direction of NaNoWriMo (the clock is ticking!).

This week, the prompt is a bit more direct in its relation to NaNoPrep:

Tell us about your character’s motivations. Interpret this as you wish: Give us a scene illustrating what drives your character forward; write a diary entry, letter, or other form of narrative from the character describing what they want to achieve; go deep and show us how it touches on the character’s emotions or simply allow it to be lunchtime. The choice is entirely yours.”



Up the Dosage

The ceiling tiles stared back at me in the dark – mocking me. Had it really already been seven years? I thought back to that night, the night I lost everything. Could you lose something you couldn’t remember having, though? I’m not sure. Try as I might, I couldn’t picture anything before that day, before running in those woods.

Orderlies outside my room spoke in hushed tones. They were always careful not to let me hear them, though I wasn’t quite sure why. I wasn’t dangerous – usually – and it had been a while since my last episode.

A faint beep distracted me from my thoughts, bringing my attention to the small LED on my bracelet. It blinked green three times, before flashing blue. A sting on the inside of my wrist later, I felt the warmth of the delimiter drug, and the almost instantaneous haziness that accompanied it. My entire body relaxed, eyelids drooping. The voices grew louder – they had opened my door and turned on the light.

“How are you feeling, Jenna?” Quite suddenly, the voice was beside me, her index and middle fingers pressed lightly to my neck as she checked her watch.

“Tired. Time for my appointment already?” As my vision re-focused, my mind adjusted to seeing through the haze.

“Yes. We should hurry, while your dose is still fresh.” She helped me stand and, despite my condition, it was clear she felt vulnerable. None of the orderlies felt safe around me – and for good reason.

“Don’t worry. I’m not agitated, or tense. As long as nothing triggers me, and the medicine is effective, I’m harmless.” I attempted to smile, though I wasn’t sure it was comforting. She didn’t respond, instead shooting a glimpse at the other orderly, a man, who stood outside my room. I guessed she pulled the short straw, if that look was anything to go by.

Soon enough we were in front of an office, the door a rectangle of foggy, fractal-looking glass encased in a wooden frame. My escort knocked on the door before I could, and a moment later we were greeted by Dr. Ortiz, the man assigned to my case.

“Just in time, Jenna, come in. Linda, you may go. I’ve got Ted and Frank here to help me.” His smile was friendly, though not for my benefit.

Her relief was almost tangible as she left, closing the door behind me.

Yelling. The dry snapping of wooden furniture. I tasted iron. Dr. Ortiz choked on nothing as he floated in midair before me.

When I awoke again, I was back in bed, though this time I was strapped in, and the voice I heard was Dr. Ortiz. Disheveled, he stood beside me, observing another man – a delimiter technician – as the latter made adjustments to my bracelet, my dosage. My head felt like it split in two, and was slowly, painfully, coming back together. I needed to learn control – and extra doses weren’t helping.


Check out the rest of the entries on Saturday and vote for your favorite!

As always, think happy thoughts!

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