#5MinuteFiction Week 43 – Snowstorm!


Happy Hump Day!

#5MinuteFiction is finally back over at The Writing Network, and last night’s prompt was a blast to play with! I’m excited to get back into this weekly writing game, warming up my creative muscles for NaNoWriMo. This week’s contest is being judged by Jen Felts. Check out her post on The Writing Network here.


The prompt: Your character takes shelter in a small cave on a mountain for the night. When he/she wakes in the morning, there’s three feet of snow on the ground. What do they do?

My response:

I awoke to the sound of my own shivering – my teeth clattering together as I lay on the cave floor. My fire was barely embers, its heat all but gone. With a sigh, I sat up. It wasn’t nearly this cold when I’d fallen asleep. Pulling the blanket tighter around myself, I looked out the mouth of the cave, nearly blinded by the sunlight reflecting off the snow that now covered the ground.

“Damn.” The word echoed around me in the empty cave. I knew I should have sucked it up and just kept riding the previous night. The nearest town was still a few miles away. Chestnut, my horse, was standing on the other side of the cave, clearly restless at the sight of the snow, and shivering almost as badly as I was. I needed to restart the fire, but I hadn’t anticipated staying this long. Without extra firewood, I was out of luck.

As if in answer to my wordless plea, a warm breeze came from deep inside the cave, the grumble that came with it shaking everything around me. A few pebbles and shards of rock fell around me from the tremor, but all I could think about was the inviting warmth and how badly I needed to get away from the snow. I packed my things as quickly as the chill would let me, and grabbed Chestnut’s reigns, leading her deeper into the cave.

The warmth grew, bringing with it the soft glow of some kind of fire. It felt like we were walking to the very center of the earth itself, and by the time we stopped, I’d removed my cloak and had Chestnut carry it. The heat was smoldering, my hair sticking to the back of my neck. We came to a ledge, and beyond it I saw the source of the glow – a large bonfire, about twenty feet away. Around it, several figures danced to music I couldn’t hear. I walked closer to the ledge, trying to see, when the three figures suddenly stopped, their heads turning in unison to look at me.

I recognized their eyes from the stories. They had danced with them closed, but as soon as they’d noticed my presence, their eyes shot open, revealing glowing embers on the backdrop of black irises. Faeries.


Check out the other stories in the comment section of the prompt post here. Go to the voting post to vote for your favorite!

As always, think happy thoughts!

Update: This entry won! Woo! Thanks for voting 🙂



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