Legend of Korra: Why I love this show

Happy Humpday!

Can I just say: I CANNOT wait until Friday!

Seriously, I love this show more than I can actually describe. However, I sure as hell can try to list the reasons why you should jump on the Korra train if you haven’t already. (Minor spoilers)

1. Bad-assery of the female variety (and well-written characters all around!). How many action/super hero shows can say they have a female lead? Even better: how many can say they have a female of lead color? This show does such a great job of representing women (from all walks of life) as strong characters that that alone is reason enough to watch it. I was pretty upset with Nickelodeon when they took it off TV and made it exclusive to online viewing. Here are some of the ladies you can look forward to seeing:

  • The titular character, Korra, does so much growing up throughout the seasons that, while she can be pretty annoying, it’s impossible not to love and sympathize with her. She’s both strong and vulnerable – REAL. Someone like her, powers notwithstanding, could actually exist.
  • Asami! Need I say more? A lot of people say Bolin is new Sokka, and in a way, he is. But Asami – she’s new Suki! She’s a skilled and intelligent non-bender who can hold her own among the very best. Not only that, but she has impeccable character. As far as cartoon role models little girls can look up to, Asami is an attainable ideal. Any little girl could grow up to be an engineer like her.
  • Jinora aka the most powerful character on the whole show. As Aang’s descendant, she has some pretty big shoes to fill, and damn does she do a good job! Even as just a little girl, no older than Aang was in the original series, she surpasses her elders (and Aang) with what looks like ease. She’s a confident, powerful, and kind young woman. Another great role model to little kids everywhere.

As a writer, well-written and relatable characters are crucial for me. The story could be terrible, but I’ll keep watching or reading if the characters are interesting enough. Legend of Korra had its weak points, but I love the characters so much, that I was more than able to look past the weaknesses. A well-written character can either make or break a show, and in this case, the abundance of well-written characters and personalities is what kept this show viable and awesome during any lulls.

2. Extended universe! I, personally, can’t get enough of the Avatar universe, and I couldn’t be happier when I heard that it was getting a second series. It’s super interesting to see how Aang’s children have grown, how the events of the first series have affected the world, and (in flashbacks) how the Gaang lived post-war. It’s basically every fanfiction reader’s dream come true (but better), and if you loved the first series, you have to watch the second. Here’s hoping it doesn’t end with Korra.

3. The bendingIf only because the child in all of us wishes we had super powers. It’s been pretty cool to see how the different styles have evolved since Aang’s time, not to mention how much more intricate the battles have become. That’s not to say that the battles in The Last Airbender weren’t awesome, just that they seem to have gotten much more intense. The trailer promises to deliver even more beautifully choreographed and nail-biting fights, so tune in!

There are countless more reasons why you should watch it, but those are the ones that do it for me. Nickelodeon currently has the entire show available online. It’s kind of wonky, but it’s the easiest place to get the episodes.

As always, think happy thoughts (In this case: only two more days ’til Book 4 :D)!

Video credit: Courtesy of Nickelodeon’s YouTube channel.


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