Fighting the monster…again… (Help!)

And so it returns…the dreadful writer’s block. It’s like I can’t win – but no matter! I will push forward because I have to. After all, I’ve made a commitment to writing Reckoning’s sequel, and therefore cannot afford to be lazy. Last time it took me about a decade to write a book. I’ve got about a year to finish writing, editing, and come up with a title for The Breach #2. Sometimes, when I’m feeling overwhelmed and like I’ve bitten off more than I can chew, I just think back to tween-me, who had the gall to think she could write a book. If tween me could muster the motivation, then young adult me certainly can! I can’t be shown up by a kid, right?

Unfortunately, my writer’s block comes in the form of half-baked, usually doomed to be unfinished story ideas that distract from the task at hand. Now, I’ve got a sci-fi idea chewing up the back of my brain in an attempt to be started. More often than not I succumb to these secondary ideas and write them down, only to abandon or forget them later, wasting precious novel-time in the process. How do I not do that?

Rather than continuing to rant on the woes of having my writing blocked, I’d love to hear if this happens to anyone else. If it does, how do you guys handle it? I’m not exactly the best at juggling projects, so if anyone has tips on that, I’d be eternally grateful!

As always, think happy thoughts!

P.S. In an attempt to get back in the groove of things (ie. kill the monster), I really need to start reading again. Since I self-published, I’ve accumulated a few indie books that are begging to be read. To support my fellow indies, I’ll be trying my hand at review writing on here! I won’t be taking requests (at least not yet) until I’ve mastered the art of juggling multiple projects. So, we’ll see!

Image credit: Cyanide and Happiness


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