Aliens! – #5MinuteFiction – Week 211 Entry



Happy Thursday!

Participating in #5MinuteFiction every week has been a blast. I even got my sister to participate this time, and we both made it to the finals! I really liked her story, but I won in the tie-breaker. Maybe next time!

The contest is hosted by Wendy Strain, and this week’s judge was Holly Wastney.

In the mean time, here’s her story, followed by mine:


Its eyes were exactly how they looked in all of the movies. The dark pits took up most of his face. Despite their initial soullessness, something seemed to be troubling him. It stared up into the sky for a long period of time before looking down on the ground with more interest. He knelt down to touch the ground. The grassy texture seemed to take it off guard. He looks with so much child like fascination. I stifled a small chuckle. He quickly lifted its head and faced me. I froze as he approached me. He took my hand slowly as if not to frighten me. He lowered it to the ground in order to touch the grass. He mimicked my chuckle as I smiled nervously.

And mine (with a fixed typo – view the original here):

The odd, stringy soft green substance felt weird under my feet. I think the books said this was something called “grass” not to be confused with “glass” – the latter could cause pain if stepped on, apparently. Looking over to my brother, Eli, I shrugged. “I guess it’s safe?”

He was still standing on the ramp up to our ship. Eli had picked a fairly inconspicuous parking location, deep in the middle of what was called a “forest.” Or, at least it seemed like what the books described as forests. There were trees, and more grass, all around. However, unlike in the pictures, there were long winding paths of something cold and gray. When I walked here, I nearly jumped at chill that shot up my feet.

“Hey, wait! Don’t forget!”

Eli lunged off the ship and at me, grabbing my wrist and pushing the button on our Concealers. Good call. I’d almost forgotten that we needed disguises. He’d already activated his, which made him into the image of an older teenage boy. Mine would be doing the same, though female. It even simulated shoes over our now-human feet.

“Thanks. Now let’s go. We don’t have much time before we’re caught.”

The sun of this solar system was just beginning to set, and I could still hear the voices, footsteps, and heartbeats of the humans remaining in the area. Doing our best to be discrete, we sought out a large crowd, knowing our goal could be found where other people gathered. “Jes, careful.”

“I know.” My older brother had an over-protective streak, and only agreed to come along because he knew I would with or without him. There was no way I’d pass up the chance. “Now come on!” I grabbed his wrist and pulled him into the crowd. “Ade said we’d know it by the smell – warm, salty, and moderately gross, he said.”
Eli stopped us in our tracks once we’d reached the other side of the crowd, and pointed a few paces away from us. A human man, wearing what appeared to be a sheet with ties around his neck and waist, was standing beside a large contraption covered by what I recognized as an umbrella. But there was no rain, so it didn’t make sense to me. “I think that’s it.”

Doing my best not to be nervous or suspicious, I walked up to the man, and asked, “Excuse me, sir. Are those hotdogs? May we purchase some?”


Hope you enjoyed the stories!

As always, think happy thoughts!


4 thoughts on “Aliens! – #5MinuteFiction – Week 211 Entry

  1. Adan Ramie

    Great story, Kat, and congrats on the win! I need to set a reminder on my phone to participate. I totally spaced this week. Looks like it was a fun one.


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