#5MinuteFiction – Week 210 Entry


Happy Hump Day! Thanks to the wonders of technology, I was able to participate in the contest this week despite not being anywhere near a laptop! So, thank you smart phones. And, despite some typos (which I’ve fixed for this post, but you can view the original here), I made it to the finals! So, check out my story, and the others, pick your favorite, and vote! The contest is hosted by Wendy Strain and this week’s judge was Devorah Fox.


“So the new neighbors are moving in.” Linda spoke as she looked out the window. Whoever was driving that uhaul truck was trying, in vain, to fit it between her car and a pick up truck.

“Oh? We should introduce ourselves!” Mark’s voice floated over to her from behind his newspaper. He walked over to her, joining her at the window. “And while we’re at it, we can move the car.”

Outside, the sun was blistering – probably not the best choice for moving day, in Mark’s opinion. Linda walked behind him, six pack of beer in hand ready to offer the neighbors. As Mark neared the car, it was clear the uhaul truck was giving up. After signaling to the driver that he’d be moving, he hopped in the car and drove away.

Linda knocked on the neighbor’s door, which was slightly ajar. The light force of her knuckles on the hard wood was enough to push it open the rest of the way.

“Oh! Hello! How are you?” The new neighbor smiled, extending a hand – claw – for Linda to shake. Linda couldn’t tell, but she was pretty sure it was female. “Are you alright? You look pale?”

The concern in her yellow eyes went over Linda’s head, and all she could think was: “Dragon. A real dragon.” Light red scales covered her whole body, and she was roughly the size of a horse. Her wings were retracted behind her, though she stretched them now, using them to propel forward towards her. It wasn’t until Linda landed softly in the dragon’s arms that she realized she fainted.


And as always, think happy thoughts!


Edit: I won with this entry!



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