Why I miss school…a cry for advice!

So I’ve recently realized something – I really miss being in school, and it’s only been a little over a year since graduation. I should still be riding the “No more homework ever!” high, and yet here I am, missing that very same homework.

I miss school for the deadlines, the structure, and the fact that it feels like I had more free time then than I do now. I was able to complete a novel while I was in school (Granted, it was like the bazillionth rewrite, but still). Now, I’m lucky if I can write a page a week. Of course, this is a matter of self-discipline (something I lack). I’ve been better about it lately, but I still slip all too often. So now, I have to self-impose my deadlines and my own structure – easier said than done. Most of the time, I ignore the schedule I give myself, or life gets in the way (not that that’s a bad thing).

Writing here definitely helps, though! It keeps me going, on days that I have particularly bad writer’s block (read: laziness).

Everyone’s familiar with this picture, right?


Well, that doesn’t actually change all that much, though in my case, it would be more of a square, with an extra corner for “Writing” and replace “Good Grades” with “Success at Work” – but you can still only pick 2. I find myself sacrificing sleep more often than I should in an attempt to choose 3, and I still don’t get that much writing done.

So, my question to all the writers out there – how do you juggle writing with all your other responsibilities? What’s your strategy? How do you motivate yourself?

One thought on “Why I miss school…a cry for advice!

  1. Thank you for your post and question. I motivate myself by reading posts from writers like you. My fellow bloggers inspire me to continue making the time to write, it is my outlet for expression that helps me get through the routines I have in my life. I hope this helps you.


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