Meet My Character: Lexia

Meet My Character: Lexia

Hello! And welcome to my leg of the Meet My Character Blog Tour – in which we’ll be taking a look at Lexia, the protagonist of my debut novel Reckoning.

First, a little bit of background:

The Meet My Character Blog Tour is a neat event in which authors have interviews with the main characters of works they’ve recently published or are about to. It’s a fun and interesting opportunity for not only a little character analysis, but a little advertisement, too, giving a sneak peek into what readers can expect from our work. In order to participate, we had to be invited by another author. Each author, in turn, tries to invite a few others, as well, who are then tagged in their interview post. We also refer back to the author that tagged us. In other words, it’s a great way to not only promote yourself, but also help out some kindred spirits. In my case, I was tagged by N.R. Champagne.

Here’s some info about her:

N. R. Champagne has always been something of a gypsy. Currently she lives in Scotland with her husband and no kids, dogs, cats, or birds. Her debut novel, Prodigal Angel, is a paranormal romantic adventure that tells the story of Miranda, an engineer who falls in love with a powerful immortal who is a descendant of the Fallen Angels, and all the trouble it lands her in.

Check her out online:

Her “Meet My Character” post:



Twitter: @NRChampagne1

Now, on to the interview!

I sat down with Lexia, a character who has grown up right alongside me for the better part of the last decade and asked her some questions. She begrudgingly agreed, feeling odd about being interviewed by the person who made her.


(We sit across from each other at a small table, Lexia eyeing the pen in my hand and the notepad on my lap.)

Me: What is your name? Are you fictional or historical?

Lexia: Lexia Graham. And…fictional, right? Shouldn’t you know that already?

Me: Humor me. What do you do for a living?

Lexia: Okay (she leans back in her chair and holds her hands in her lap). I write – wrote? – for a local newspaper. My most recent piece involves a series of murders.

Me: Must be fun, getting to go to crime scenes?

Lexia: Not exactly the word I’d use…. Interesting, more like.

Me: Interesting how?

Lexia: I have a bit of a morbid streak – hence why I was put on the murders instead of a more “regular” story.

Me: I guess you could say we’re both a little morbid, then…So when and where does your story take place?

Lexia: Like, what year? 2015, basically current times. As for where – in a relatively large town, east coast of the US, though I don’t think you’d know the name even if I said it. I’m not sure that you actually specify…

Me: Yeah….no, I don’t.

Lexia: Setting changes throughout, though…to different, um, areas. Can I say spoiler alert?

Me: Sure – don’t want to give too much away.

Lexia: Okay then. Spoilers. So that’s all I’ll say as far as setting…

Me: Okay, is there something we should know about you? Any deep, dark secrets?

Lexia: Spoilers?

Me: Now you’re just copping out. Give at least a little.

Lexia: Well, I’m psychic – part of why dealing with murder scenes isn’t fun. I can hear people’s thoughts, see the dead, along with some minor telekinetic ability. As for deep, dark secrets, I don’t have any – that I know of. Apart from the psychic thing, which only my family knows about, I’m basically an open book. 

Me: What is your main conflict? What’s messing up your life, right now?

Lexia: Main conflict…I suppose that would be trying to keep my cousins, Adwin and Saxon, safe. Being psychic exposes us to some pretty terrifying situations. Most of the time I’m just trying to figure out how to keep us all sane. Or, at the very least, myself.

Me: Sounds dreadful. Sorry about that…

Lexia: (shrugs) Could be worse, right? I was there for your earlier drafts…could be way worse…It helps to have Garrett around, I guess, so there’s that.

Me: Oh? I’m glad you like him.

Lexia: I never said that – it’s just reassuring to know that I don’t have to go it alone, you know? (another shrug) Next question?

Me: In a hurry?

Lexia: Sort of. Edwards will have my head if I’m not at my desk before he’s back from his break.

Me: Okay…What are your personal goals?

Lexia: Once again, keeping my family safe, leading a normal life, basically what any reasonable person would want, right? It’s not that complicated…I’ve also always wanted to expand on my abilities, understand them better. Despite what I said about being “normal” I know that isn’t going to happen. I’m better off understanding my abilities and being able to protect the people around me than I am trying to pretend the supernatural doesn’t exist.

Me: The twins are lucky to have you.

Lexia:(laughing) Tell Saxon that. (she sits up in her chair now, directing a question back at me) So do you have a title for this book you’re writing-

Me: Wrote. The book I wrote. I already wrote it.

Lexia: Oh, right. So is there a title?

Me: Yes. It’s titled Reckoning.

Lexia: That’s a dumb-

Me: I know. Too late to turn back now though, it’s already published, so I’m kind of stuck with it.

Lexia: That sucks. Think it through a little better next time…doubt that Jenna or Suri would enjoy crappy titles for their books.

Me: Shh! Spoilers!

Lexia: Sorry – just sayin’. (eyes dart to my notepad) Any more questions? As much as I love our little chats, the whole talking to yourself thing can’t be good for you.

Me: (shrug) There’s no harm in only doing it once in a while. Besides, it’s been so long – I thought you’d like being out and about.

Lexia: Yeah, well, I can’t really be out for long, anyway. You know that. (she gives me a stern look)

Me: Alright, alright. You’re good to go, I guess. Be safe!

Lexia: I’ll try, but no promises…


So that was Lexia! You can check out her story in Reckoningcurrently available as an eBook at the following retailers:

Now, to spread the love! The following awesome authors are also participating in the blog tour, and will be putting up their own character interviews next week, around 7/7.

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Maron Anrow, author of Laika in Lisan, grew up in California, came of age in the Midwest, and is now passing time in New Jersey. She has a Ph.D. in social psychology and has published over 20 scientific articles since 2008.

Sarah Roberts:

Sarah Roberts is the author of Rokula, a Contemporary Fantasy novel about monsters, magic, arena fighting, conspiracies, jealousy, betrayal, love, destiny, and madness. Rokula is the first installment of The Rokula Saga. For more information, check out The Rokula Saga website at

Shari Sakurai:

Shari Sakurai was born in Chichester, West Sussex, United Kingdom. She’s always loved to write and published her debut novel, Demon’s Blood, in January 2014.

C. Michael Lorion:

C. Michael Lorion lives in the small town of East Templeton, Massachusetts with his lovely wife of 23 years and six of his seven children. He quit his full-time teaching job four years ago in pursuit of his dream of writing a novel. His debut novel, Totem (Book 1: Scars) is the beginning of a much larger dream of building a writing career.

Tiger Gray:

Tiger Gray writes serious and seriously twisted LGBT speculative fiction. Tiger is currently working on a police procedural meets urban fantasy novel, with the working title Aim For Blue.


After earning a diploma in computer graphics and animation, she’s worked in publishing, marketing, and advertising. Lily now paints with words. She’s currently shopping her first full thriller novel.


Thanks for reading! And, as always, think happy thoughts!

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