Finally took action!

So, in an attempt to get my ass in gear, I’ve decided to self-publish my first book, Reckoning, through Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing program. As of 10:16 PM on 5/19/2014, it is officially published and available! *does a super happy dance and proceeds to bombard all social media with link to book*

I thought about making this decision for a long time. While I would love to be able to make a living from my writing, I know it takes years for a writer to build that kind of resume, so it’s good to get some exposure to the market, I think. I know this isn’t the only good story I have in me, and who knows? Someone might like it enough that I’ll be picked up by a publisher this way instead! More than the money, though, I just wanted to get this story out there. It took me a long time to write (much longer than I care to admit) and it’s gone through so many evolutions – it’s basically grown up with me. Today’s the day that little, 12-year-old me dreamed of for years! So here’s to that little girl typing away on her clunky desk-top computer running Windows 98 – you did it!

I promise you, the words on the page are not those of a pre-pubescent girl – so, here’s some more shameless self-promotion. Below is the synopsis that is also posted on Amazon – give it a read, and if it tickles your fancy, feel free to purchase it. 🙂


Having been kept in the dark for most of her life, Lexia wants answers – about her parents, her heritage, and the threats hiding in dark corners. 

She loses everything the day her parents die. Her whole world is shattered, and she’s thrown into a family she never knew she had. Despite the circumstances, she finds herself growing fond of her new relatives: a pair of twin cousins and an eccentric aunt. When she discovers that she has more in common with them than she first thought – namely, that she’s psychic – she gains closure, and, as the loss of her parents becomes bearable, she throws herself into her new life with a gusto she didn’t think she had. 

Years pass, and an encounter with the darker side of the supernatural drives her and the twins into dangers they could never have imagined. Working as a reporter for a major newspaper, Lexia becomes involved in a series of apparently random murders. She discovers the murders are being committed by demon-possessed individuals, but no one knows why. Confronted with the possibility of being a target, Lexia accepts the help of a man claiming to have been sent to protect her family, discovering the answers she so desperately wants in a conflict dating back to before she was born.


Thanks! And if you do decide to read it, hope you like it!

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UPDATE 5/21/2014: Reckoning is now also available on Smashwords! Click here to buy!

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