Getting back in the groove (an attempt to follow my own advice)

Trying to balance the whole “work by day write by night” thing is a lot harder than I thought it would be. Some of the hurdles I’ve encountered along the way: work, laziness, exhaustion, lack of motivation, etc – the list goes on. However, that whole list can be summarized into one word: life. So, for my fellow writers suffering the same issues: do not despair!

When I get into those moments where I feel like I should just give up, accept defeat and simply satisfy myself with the fact that I sold my soul to the corporate world, I tell myself: I am not the first, nor will I be the last, writer that has to go through this. (I use this pep talk way more often than I realized) Even if I can’t “make it big” the satisfaction that my words will reach others is what I work towards and the reason I continue to write.

So while I suffer some writer’s block, I’ve been doing some research into publishers. Here’s hoping that my first few submissions at least get a rejection letter that I can frame and use for more motivation! Negative response is always better than none at all!

This is just yet another attempt to get myself to post on here regularly. Til next time!

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