Writing Prompt – The Kiss


Writing Prompt!

So I was going through my idea notebook, the one I mentioned in the post about how I’m creepy and take notes on the people around me, and I came across something I wrote down that might help me (and others) churn some creative juices. I’ve decided to put this up as a writing prompt, in the hopes that it not only motivates me to continue writing, but that it also helps out others suffering from writer’s block.


Expand on this:

A kiss – so dizzying, she nearly gets run over afterwards. There was nothing out of this world about it, nothing she hadn’t done before, but she was caught off-guard. His lips enticed her, invited her in and kept her. She couldn’t have pulled away if she’d wanted to. When he finally let her go, she had no words. They were stuck at her throat, along with the knot of frustration at her own helplessness.

What happens next? Or, better yet, what led up to it? Feel free to change the characters’ genders, too.


And just so you guys don’t think I’m super creepy – no, that’s not something I observed. It’s a little bit derived from a personal experience, and a little bit tweaked for artistic purposes. Make of that what you will. So, have fun with it! If this helps even one person, I will be happy.


Tell me what you think!

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